Did you know that the cost of mental health is estimated at £1035 for every employee in your workforce? And that 37% of all work related ill-health cases are due to stress, anxiety or depression?

Mental health is an extremely important focus in today's world. But do you know how it's impacting your business?

We are currently building a tool to help you;

  • Support your employees mental health and identify future problem areas.
  • Build the right mental health strategy for your organisation.
  • Measure the success of your mental health strategy
  • Increase productivity and save your organisation money.

Lumien will allow you to manage & support your staff and bring real long-term benefit to your business.

We are anticipating an initial release of Lumien mid 2019.


Lumien is built by Evolyst.

Evolyst build digital health tools that increase quality of life by supporting those with health issues, alleviating the stress from healthcare systems and the professionals within them and taking steps to prevent the issues occurring in the first place. 

We work with researchers and healthcare professionals who need a digital partner with an in depthknowledge and experience of healthcare to deliver the support their patients need. 

Over the last six years we have worked with a number of notable organisations, including Kings College London, Warwick University and Heartlands Hospital. We have developed a keen interest in Mental Health and after working with Kings College London and The Helen Hamlyn Center on SlowMo, we realised that we were in a position to make a difference to Mental Health across the UK. With Lumien we intend to make the workplace an environment that nurtures positive mental health and to help employers build a mental health strategy that can support their staff in the long-term. 

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